ADA News Warns Dentists Against The Purchase of “Gray Market” Products

Volume XIX, number III of the ADA New Dentist News, states that usually the purchase of dental products by a dentist is a straight forward process since most purchases are made directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.  Sometimes when dentists opt for less expensive products they are inadvertently purchasing products that are approved for foreign markets, but not approved for use in the U.S.

For example many dentists such as Josey Lane Dentistry take extra care to make sure that all of their dental products that they purchase for use are approved by U.S. regulations.  The mistakes happen when some dentists are less careful when looking for the most economical place to purchase products.

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Kids and Test Anxiety; Six Tips to Help

College students and children experience test anxiety due to the natural reactions of the body.  These six tips were created to help children cope with anxiety.

  1. Be prepared, no last minute cramming.
  2. The child should be taught that stress is normal.
  3. Eliminate negative thinking with positive self talk.
  4. Use relaxation techniques through breathing and physical exercise.
  5. Adequate sleep.
  6. Healthy diet.

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