Charter College Opens Medical Assistant Certification Training in Billings Montana


Charter College, a private, for-profit school, is bringing a medical assistant certification course to Billings.

Medical assistants do both administrative and clinical tasks in physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals and other medical settings.

Construction workers are prepping a space in West Park Promenade, at 1603 Grand Ave., Suite 230, for the new 10-month course that is expected to begin April 11.

Nine Exotic Cars Were Damaged When Transport Truck Overturns

A stretch of highway that connects the A12 and the A13, near Paris France, was the scene of the accident that damaged nine luxury cars.

A white Lamborghini Gallardo, blue Shelby GT500 and a red Ferrari F430 were some of the exotic cars that were on the transport truck.  These are some of the same types of cars that luxury rentals, has in their fleet of exotic cars.

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