A New Trend in 2017, Shows More Americans Moving To Smaller Cities, According to Census Data

The early 2000s continued a trend of Americans moving from smaller cities in the US to larger cities, usually in search of a better job.

Since then, Census data has reflected a shift that shows Americans choosing smaller cities with a population of 500,000 to 1,000,000.

The data shows that many residential movers in cities like Philadelphia, PA will be affected by this population shift, while smaller cities  will still fail to attract much in the way of population growth.

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New Criminal Exclusions Prevent Offenders from Qualifying for Chauffeur Licenses

With the popularity of Uber on the rise, the nationwide debate of those with criminal records driving for companies, is getting a second look.  Currently Uber drivers have to pass the same criminal background check as a taxi driver.

One county is taking this subject to a new level, Broward county has passed tighter restrictions on those applying for a chauffeur license.  This has created some controversy as it has resulted in some current chauffeur licenses to be revoked.

Uber and others use a criminal record search company to determine if an applicant has a clean criminal history and is qualified be a driver.

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Nine Exotic Cars Were Damaged When Transport Truck Overturns

A stretch of highway that connects the A12 and the A13, near Paris France, was the scene of the accident that damaged nine luxury cars.

A white Lamborghini Gallardo, blue Shelby GT500 and a red Ferrari F430 were some of the exotic cars that were on the transport truck.  These are some of the same types of cars that envusmotors.com luxury rentals, has in their fleet of exotic cars.

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Online Accounting Software Xero is Expected to be Released in the US, Early 2016

The cloud based accounting software for small business had it’s start in New Zealand.  Xero has a total of 600,000 subscribers and has seen their stock climb 50% in 2015.

Due to Xero becoming the dominant online accounting service provider, many small business owners search for CBD Xero bookkeepers.

Xero continues to raise capital as they prepare for their launch in the US in 2016.

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