A New Trend in 2017, Shows More Americans Moving To Smaller Cities, According to Census Data

The early 2000s continued a trend of Americans moving from smaller cities in the US to larger cities, usually in search of a better job.

Since then, Census data has reflected a shift that shows Americans choosing smaller cities with a population of 500,000 to 1,000,000.

The data shows that many residential movers in cities like Philadelphia, PA will be affected by this population shift, while smaller cities  will still fail to attract much in the way of population growth.

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New Criminal Exclusions Prevent Offenders from Qualifying for Chauffeur Licenses

With the popularity of Uber on the rise, the nationwide debate of those with criminal records driving for companies, is getting a second look.  Currently Uber drivers have to pass the same criminal background check as a taxi driver.

One county is taking this subject to a new level, Broward county has passed tighter restrictions on those applying for a chauffeur license.  This has created some controversy as it has resulted in some current chauffeur licenses to be revoked.

Uber and others use a criminal record search company to determine if an applicant has a clean criminal history and is qualified be a driver.

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Charter College Opens Medical Assistant Certification Training in Billings Montana


Charter College, a private, for-profit school, is bringing a medical assistant certification course to Billings.

Medical assistants do both administrative and clinical tasks in physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals and other medical settings.

Construction workers are prepping a space in West Park Promenade, at 1603 Grand Ave., Suite 230, for the new 10-month course that is expected to begin April 11.

Nine Exotic Cars Were Damaged When Transport Truck Overturns

A stretch of highway that connects the A12 and the A13, near Paris France, was the scene of the accident that damaged nine luxury cars.

A white Lamborghini Gallardo, blue Shelby GT500 and a red Ferrari F430 were some of the exotic cars that were on the transport truck.  These are some of the same types of cars that envusmotors.com luxury rentals, has in their fleet of exotic cars.

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Waste Drop Box Added for Disposal of Unused and Expired Medications

In an attempt to keep harmful medications out of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s trash service and dumpsters, the local police department has installed a safe drop box for their disposal.

The MedReturn box is located in the Lower Salford Township Police Department lobby, providing a valuable service for residents.  The box was provided by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office in conjunction with the Pennsylvania department of Drug and Alcohol Program.

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$650,000 Deal Allows Every Student in the Teton County School District to Receive a Laptop

A four year lease negotiated with the Apple corporation will allow each child to receive a computer.  The $650,000 deal that was agreed upon saved the district $76,000 since it was approved before the end of the year.

According to superintendent Gillian Chapman, technology is being phased into the daily teaching with all students.

Many students will benefit since many online colleges that offer free laptops will expect the students to be up to speed when it comes to navigating technology.

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Online Accounting Software Xero is Expected to be Released in the US, Early 2016

The cloud based accounting software for small business had it’s start in New Zealand.  Xero has a total of 600,000 subscribers and has seen their stock climb 50% in 2015.

Due to Xero becoming the dominant online accounting service provider, many small business owners search for CBD Xero bookkeepers.

Xero continues to raise capital as they prepare for their launch in the US in 2016.

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Seattle Times Reports that Sunglasses Can Limit Cold Sore Outbreaks

A link was believed to be found between the common herpes outbreak and sunlight entering the retina.  The American Journal of Epidemiology reported the results of a Herpetic Eye Disease Study.  The study showed that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation was linked to an outbreak.

In an attempt to reduce cold sore outbreaks, many lip balms contain UV blocking agents.

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Android Wear Releases New Downloadable Designer Watch Faces, as Reported by Techcrunch

Those that have Android wear and those looking to purchase the latest Android watch have new watch faces that can be downloaded.  Many have found that a watch’s physical design is not the only way to express their style, they can now download a face that expresses them self.

Obviously you want to make sure that the function of the watch is what your looking for as some prefer a traditional watch while others are looking for the function of a sports watch.  Researching your choice can be as easy as this review at the health and fitness site, Groom and Style that uncovers Seven myths about sports watches.

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What to do if You Find a 400 Pound Gorilla in Your Chair

When H. Peter Ku, D.D.S. PA comes to the office, the last thing he expects to see is a 400 pound gorilla sitting in his chair waiting for a root canal.

This was not your typical root canal for the medical staff and zoo dentist Dr. Peter Jertesz of the Paignton zoo in Devon, England.  The gorilla that weighed almost 400 pounds was put to sleep for 2 hours during the procedure.

It took ten people to help during the 45 minute procedure, the 38 year old gorilla is expected to make a full recovery.

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ADA News Warns Dentists Against The Purchase of “Gray Market” Products

Volume XIX, number III of the ADA New Dentist News, states that usually the purchase of dental products by a dentist is a straight forward process since most purchases are made directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.  Sometimes when dentists opt for less expensive products they are inadvertently purchasing products that are approved for foreign markets, but not approved for use in the U.S.

For example many dentists such as Josey Lane Dentistry take extra care to make sure that all of their dental products that they purchase for use are approved by U.S. regulations.  The mistakes happen when some dentists are less careful when looking for the most economical place to purchase products.

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Kids and Test Anxiety; Six Tips to Help

College students and children experience test anxiety due to the natural reactions of the body.  These six tips were created to help children cope with anxiety.

  1. Be prepared, no last minute cramming.
  2. The child should be taught that stress is normal.
  3. Eliminate negative thinking with positive self talk.
  4. Use relaxation techniques through breathing and physical exercise.
  5. Adequate sleep.
  6. Healthy diet.

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